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Financial Planning

Growing your wealth:

Peter is your local financial planner in Echuca. He can help to  grow your money and ultimately your wealth. Growing and protecting your wealth relies on a few key aspects such as:



To protect your and your family’s wealth it is important for you to have insurance that can protect you and your family in all situations, including death, disablement, and critical illness.

Many families neglect to have life, and other insurances for a variety of reasons. This can be a large problem should any unexpected events occur in your family.


Financial Planning:

The role of your financial planner is help you determine and assess your financial goals, taking into account your individual circumstances and aspirations and the options available.

In other words financial planning helps you determine where you’re going – what you want for your financial future and then it helps you make it happen.

It is an ongoing process that takes into account your income, assets, liabilities, and personal views like your values, dreams, wants, needs, time horizons and your attitude toward risk and reward.

The result is a custom-tailored strategy that can help you: